Over 50 Student Jobs: The Ultimate List

August 29, 2017

I’m a huge fan of classroom jobs! They are an integral part of my “Our Class Nation” program and have so many benefits:

– Build classroom community
– Teach responsibility and consequences
– General classroom management

It’s so cool to watch students reminding each other to do their jobs and taking ownership of their classroom. Student jobs foster the feeling that “we’re all in this together” so it’s not just my job as the teacher to keep things running smoothly.

I like to have students use this job application to apply for the job(s) of their choice.  Classroom jobs are a privilege and my students treat them that way! They work hard to stay on task and not get fired and the result is that they get paid and can buy certificates or items from the class store (more on that in an upcoming post!).
Other teachers have commented to me that it must be so much work (or too much work) to implement student jobs. The only work I do is set up the job board (a one-time deal) and organize who has what job each month. This only takes about 10 minutes… seriously! I look over the applications, hold a vote (I like to hold a class election for class leadership roles of President, Vice President, Judge, and Police Officer), and use clothespins to attach student names or numbers to the job they have. Voila! That’s all there is to it! PLUS with the students taking responsibility for so many little things, I actually have MORE time for positive interactions with them.
My third, fourth, and fifth grade students keep their jobs for a month. I know kindergarten teachers who assign new jobs every week and first grade teachers who say a switch every two weeks works best for them. Experiment with it together! If you ask your students for their input, it will ensure they are always motivated and will keep the classroom running smoothly.

I love this list of classroom jobs, especially the cute alliterative names. I feel like alliteration makes everything so catchy and fun! You can modify the descriptions to work for your own classroom/ students and find the heading posters, colorful chevron job labels, student numbers, and nametags at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Specific to Our Class Nation

Responsible for upholding the constitution, managing citizens, leading the line

Vice President:
Assists the president in upholding the constitution and managing citizens

Reads citizen suggestions from our class “suggestion book”, leads citizens in voting for/ creating new laws

Police Officer/ Hallway Helper:
Walks alongside the line and keeps it straight and silent
It can be fun to come up with a silent hand gesture they can use to remind other students to stay straight and silent

Banker/ Wage Distributor:
Distributes wages at the end of each job cycle

Store Keeper:
Runs the class store, reports on supply and demand

Certificate Steward:
Runs the certificate center, records which certificates students choose

– – –

Conscious Discipline

S.T.A.R. Helper:
Helps students calm down

Safe Keeper:
Reminds students of their daily commitments

Well Wisher:
Leads the class in wishing others well

Kindness Recorder:
Records kindness on your kindness tree or whatever structure you have in your classroom

Greets students as they enter your classroom each day

 – – –

Bathroom Boss:
One for the girls’ bathroom, one for the boys’
Alerts classmates when stalls are available and makes sure no one is fooling around

Hallway Helper (aka Police Officer):
Walks alongside the line and keeps it straight and silent
It can be fun to come up with a silent hand gesture they can use to remind other students to stay straight and silent

Walks at the back of the line

Conductor/ Line Leader:
Leads the line
I also like to have this student knock on the door of any specials classes and ask the teacher, “Are you ready for us?”

Door Defender:
Makes sure the door is closed when class is in session and when you leave the classroom

Light Lookout/ Electrician:
Turns the lights on when you are in the classroom and turns them off when you leave/ use the projector

Classroom Keeper (Door Defender/ Light Lookout combined):
Turns the lights on when you are in the classroom, turns them off when you leave, and makes sure the door is closed

Weather Watcher:
Records the weather daily

Schedule Supervisor:
Sets up the schedule each day

Attendance Aid:
Takes the attendance

Calendar Captain:
Leads calendar time

Centers Checker:
Makes sure all centers are set up properly

Whiteboard Wiper:
Cleans whiteboard as needed

Brain Break-er:
Chooses the activities the class will do for their brain break

Homework Helper:
Collects homework each day

Pencil Patrol:
Sharpens pencils
This works well if you have two containers, one for sharp pencils and one for dull pencils

Paper Passer:
Passes out papers for classwork or homework

Supply Sorter/ Materials Manager:
Makes sure classroom supplies/ materials are put away/ stocked up

Specials Supervisor:
Reminds classmates to act the way they would in homeroom during specials

Playground Patrol:
Alerts/ gathers all of the students when it is time to line up

Library Liaison:
Reminds students the day before library books are due, carries bucket of books to the library

Teacher’s Assistant:
Assists the teacher

Escorts students to the school nurse, distributes bandages if you keep them in your classroom

Delivers/ picks up items from the office as needed

Soap Squirter/ Sanitizer Squirter:
Gives each student a squirt of sanitizer or soap before eating/ after bathroom visits

Food Fighter/ Snack Supervisor/ Lunch Lieutenant:
Makes sure classmates’ snacks are healthy and everyone finishes their meal at lunch

Water Watcher:
Keeps water bottles organized

Cleanup Crew/ Janitor/ Super Sweeper/ Green Team:
Keeps the classroom clean, encourages others to recycle

Backpack Buddy:
Makes sure every student has their backpack and all materials that should be in their backpack (library books, homework folders, etc.) at the end of the day

Coat Checker:
Ensures every student has their coat/ sweater before heading home each day

Peace Protector:
Helps classmates problem solve when teacher intervention is not necessary

Song Selector:
If you listen to music as a class, this student gets to choose the songs

Zookeeper/ Pet Patrol:
Takes care of the class pet(s)

Gardener/ Botanist:
Waters the plant(s) each week

Fabulous Photographer:
Takes photographs for class social media accounts, blog, newsletters, etc.

Brilliant Blogger:
Chooses something interesting going on in your classroom to write about for the class blog

Tech Tutor:
Makes sure tech is powered up and helps classmates log on (computers, iPad carts, etc.)

Takes over for anyone who is absent

I’d love to hear how you use classroom jobs and what you do differently! Let me know in the comments below.

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