Get to Know Your Students with a Student Resume

September 8, 2017

Our Class Nation is all about creating a classroom community where students feel connected with each other and take ownership for their classroom. I really believe this feeling of connection/ ownership makes classroom management easier as it becomes a shared effort and not just the teacher’s job. Plus, students love feeling grown up by filling out a job application, having their own classroom job, and helping to create their own class nation! Today, I want to share another awesome resource: The Student Resume.

Students love this activity! It is great for back to school, for the end of the year, or both to see how your students have changed and grown.First, students fill out their personal information. Then they write their objective. Having students set an objective for the school year can be a mini lesson on its own and helping them set their intentions for the year and being aware of them yourself is super valuable.The Hobbies & Interests, Awards & Accomplishments, Extra-Curricular Activities, and Special Skills sections help you really get to know your students. References are just a fun way to make it feel like a “real” resume and hold students accountable: “My new teacher is going to talk to my old one and my parents?! Better be on my best behavior” (We can dream that it is just this easy, can’t we??)

So here it is, the Student Resume! Enjoy!

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