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September 11, 2017

We’ve talked about the necessity of having our weekly planner and monthly calendar in front of our eyes at all times… how else are we supposed to remember all of our important “to do’s”? Planners and calendars keep us calm, cool, and collected. Another resource that’s great for that? A teacher binder!This teacher binder has 21 pages designed to add a little beauty to your desk (and match my floral weekly planner and monthly calendar). It includes everything you need to stay organized this school year! Was that one of your back to school resolutions? (Am I the only one who does this??) Being organized has been one of my back to school resolutions since elementary school! Keeping that resolution is another story… but hopefully this binder will help!

The pages included are:
– Cover
– Teacher’s Schedule
– Students’ Schedule
– Class List
– Student Information
– Student Passwords
– Attendance
– Birthdays
– Groups
– Weekly Homework
– Weekly Assignments
– Homework Check
– Grades
And lesson planning pages for:
– Mathematics
– Reading
– Writing
– Language Arts
– Social Studies
– Music
– Art
– A blank planning page for your convenience

Did I mention this is free?!

Click here for the PDF
Click here to download the PDF from Teachers pay Teachers


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