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The BEST Classroom Management Tool: Part 2

September 13, 2017

Here it is: the best classroom management tool I’ve ever used and the inspiration behind this blog and my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Our Class Nation!

 You may have heard of the classroom economy… We’re taking it to the next level! Bring your students together and create a classroom culture of responsibility, inclusivity, and creativity!
Here’s PART 2 of how I implement the class nation.

The first step of building a class nation is creating a collective identity.
The second step of building a class nation is running the country.

Create a classroom constitution:
I love creating a constitution with my students. It’s great to have the students decide what their rights should be and the responsibilities that go with them.

Create laws:
I like to do this in the form of an anchor chart that will stay up all year and use only positive language (eg instead of saying, “we will not cheat”, we flip it positively, “we always be honest”) I’ve found that it takes a few examples to get kids using this language, but its so much nicer than having a list of “No’s”!

Give your students jobs:
Step 1: Students create their resumeStep 2: As a class, discuss student jobs
Step 3: Students fill out a job application. I typically have students vote for the president, vice president, police officer, and judge, then give the rest their jobs based on how well they filled out their application.
Part 3 will be about economics: getting paid for jobs and other credits… as well as debits!
Read about it next week!

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