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The BEST Classroom Management Tool: Part 3

September 18, 2017

Here it is: the best classroom management tool I’ve ever used and the inspiration behind this blog and my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Our Class Nation!

You may have heard of the classroom economy… We’re taking it to the next level! Bring your students together and create a classroom culture of responsibility, inclusivity, and creativity!
Here’s PART 3 of how I implement the class nation:

The first step of building a class nation is creating a collective identity.
The second step of building a class nation is running the country.
The third step of building a class nation is making/ spending money.

Give credits:
Your students have been working hard at their new jobs to keep the classroom running smoothly. Before they change jobs, you can give them a wage. I usually base the wage on the difficulty/ time dedication of each job which motivates students when they are filling out their job applications.
You may also choose to give your students credits throughout each job cycle (In this post, I mentioned that I like a one moth job cycle, while others prefer 1- 2 weeks). For example, we have a weekly word that students strive to exemplify and get credits for doing so (e.g. showing integrity, empathy, etc.)
Students can use the money from wages or other credits to buy items at the class store or to purchase class coupons.

Find this set of 28 classroom coupons on Teachers pay Teachers.

Give debits:
Some teachers debits in the form of “fines” when students break our classroom rules/ laws.
I give students a “debit” if they have failed to perform their job after two warnings, they are fired and therefore do not receive their wage to spend at the class store.

There are so many connections to economics you can make here: supply/ demand/ scarcity, wants/ needs, opportunity cost, and more!

Part 4: The Class Nation in Action: see what it looks like in my classroom this year and get inspired to finally create your own class nation!



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